Sandia Peak Ski & Tram

Traveling nowadays for hike and fun has become a standard routine in the life of humans. People have the desire to explore, learn, and enjoy life. If you are therefore a person who likes adventures, here is the place you should consider visiting- The Sandia Peak Ski & Tram.

About Us

Sandia Peak Ski & Tram is the most adventurous place people like to visit in America. Rising from bustles and hustles of the Albuquerque, you get a chance to ascend into one of the American highest urban peaks of 10,378 foot of the Sandia Mountains. Here, about 11,000 square miles panoramic view experience will be awaiting you. You get exposure for the elevation of the body, soul, and mind in about 15 minutes.

Like any other person, you can indulge yourself in an activity to watch the sun and shadows play in the boulders and as the cityscape twinkles below. Get a chance to stroll the serene, aspen Forest and the great aromatic fir. Additionally, get a chance to clink glasses and unwind with a warm and welcoming conversation at the new restaurant at the top aptly named Ten 3 (for the actual elevation of of Sandia Peak of more than 10, 300 ft).

Why you must visit

With about 100 hiking trails alluring in a wide range of explorers, the greatness of the Sandia Mountain is reachable right from all corners of its crest up to the top of the tramway.

Things to do

When in this magnificent place, there lie several activities you can’t fail to undertake. These are activities such as;
• Dinning and shopping at the top
• Hike around
• Take a mountain coaster
• Take up balloon fiesta,
• Take up a sample itinerary, among other events.

Prices at Sandia Peak

Sandia Peak charges a varying rate to its customers. Prices are determined on the social status of the customer. Adults who are 18 years and above, pay $25 forth and back, and $15 one-way.

Children on 5-12 years pay $15 on both round and one-way trip. Students pay $20 forth and back and $15 one-way, senior people $20 to and fro and $15 for a single lap and military $20 and $15 for round trip and one way respectively. You need to keep in mind that the prices keep fluctuating from time to time.

Hours to visit

The time to visit Sandia Peak Ski & Tram varies with season. During winter, of course, its hot, visit from 9:00 am up to 9:00 pm. Due to the extreme cold and harsh climatic conditions that come with winter, visitors are only allowed from Monday to Wednesday. On Monday and Wednesday, visiting time is 9: 00 am up to around 8:00 pm and for Tuesday it is 5:00 pm up to 8:00 pm.

Balloon Fiesta, an event that happens for nine days in October takes place between 9:00 am and 9:00 pm. The balloon fiesta is participated by hundreds of thousands of visitors from across the world comes to witness and enjoy a fantastic hot air balloon taking space in the sky.

Visiting time and weather condition

Bearing in mind this place is mountainous, the weather keeps changing, and its not easy to predict. Visitors are encouraged to check on the website of the center for an update on changing the weather condition.

Bottom line

With just a single tram that is away from Albuquerque, you get a chance to explore up to 25 miles slopes and trail the Sandia Peak Ski areas. With two chair surface lifts and three chair lifts, it’s an excellent experience excellent vacations at a friendly price. Make your choice today and give us a visit.